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UCS leads the commemoration of 2022 World Cancer Day and International Childhood Cancer Day

On 15th February, 2022, UCS led civil society partners to a joint commemoration of the World Cancer Day (WCD) and International Childhood Cancer Day (ICCD). The planning was led by the Ministry of Health (MOH), Uganda Cancer Institute (UCI), Uganda Cancer Society (UCS), Uganda Rotary Cancer Programme (URCP), Uganda Non Communicable Diseases Alliance (UNCDA), Nama Wellness Community Centre (NAWEC), and Palliative Care Association Uganda (PCAU). These formed the central planning committee under the chairmanship of Mr. Paul Ebusu, the Executive Director of UCS.
At the opening of the commemoration held at UCI, Paul Ebusu emphasised on the need to decentralize cancer services, increase awareness, and providing services targeting the poorest of the poor in rural Uganda. There were two panel discussions (one focusing on WCD and the other on ICCD) moderated by Mr. Ebusu. In all these discussions, there were loud calls for stronger partnerships, service decentralisation, bridging the information gap on cancer and increased advocacy at both national and sub national levels.

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