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Dr. Joyce Balagadde-Kambugu is a dedicated Board Member of the Uganda Cancer Society. She is a highly experienced consultant Paediatric Oncologist with over 10 years of specialized expertise in this field. Her primary affiliation is with the Uganda Cancer Institute (UCI), the leading national center for cancer treatment, research, and training in Uganda.

Within the UCI, Dr. Balagadde-Kambugu holds a prominent role as the director of the paediatric oncology service. Her commitment to improving the lives of children with cancer in developing countries is evident through her passionate advocacy efforts.

Dr. Balagadde-Kambugu tirelessly works to raise awareness about paediatric cancer and champion the importance of early detection, diagnosis, and treatment. Her profound dedication to this cause has positioned her as a prominent figure in the fight against paediatric cancer, particularly in developing nations.

Dr. Joyce Balagadde Kambugu

Board Member

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