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The role of cancer patients in planning and health service delivery.

With support from the Commonwealth Foundation,Uganda Cancer Society ( UCS ) and Uganda Cancer Institute (UCI )Patient Navigation Programme partnered to hold patient – stakeholder engagement forums. This is a dialoguing platform for patients, caregivers, and cancer service providers, including the civil society actors in the country. The overall purpose of these engagements was to build momentum for the passage of the Uganda National Cancer Control Plan (UNCCP) and also to increase patients’ involvement in decision making.

Each patient stakeholder engagement forum targeted patients of childhood cancers, breast, prostate, and cervical, among others, and service providers (offering screening services, palliative care, and HPV vaccination, among others). The dialogues provided an opportunity for the different service providers to speak onto what they do and how patients can get involved. Patients expressed the challenges they confront while seeking services and suggested how they would want to be involved.

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